Asasin în Lege CD - $10

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The soundtrack to the investigative documentary Asasin în Lege by John Atkinson (of the long-running Brooklyn experimental rock ensemble Aa) is the inaugural release from Florabelle, a New York-based label for experimental music and media founded by Ned Milligan. 

Debuting on Romanian and Moldovan national TV in November 2014, Asasin în Lege (Killers Inc.) investigates the assassination of an influential Russian businessman, tracing a barely-underground war between Kremlin-connected businessmen and bankers fought with brigades of assassins for hire. The soundtrack's eight instrumental compositions combine field recordings with dense digital textures to establish an atmosphere that is alternately luminous and menacing, giving the sinister proceedings an otherworldly air. The album was mastered by Andrew Weathers (of Full Spectrum Records). Limited to 200 in four-panel gatefold sleeves and comes with a download code.


"Sometimes beautifully distilled in an orchestral way, but then, with a single tone, crushing the moment into pitiful darkness...a great album." - Vital Weekly

"Full of angelic drones which collapse continental distances, and harmonies which are both dense and clear, complex networks unfold in front of our eyes, and the path through them is revealed, to the truth."20 Jazz Funk Greats

"The eight settings on Asasin în Lege conjure an underground society infested with assassins-for-hire in soundsculpted material that's variously menacing, disturbing, and even claustrophobic... it's refreshing to be presented with material that's allusive rather than overly explicit in its presentation." - Textura

"Atkinson's natural affinity for creating thick, ominous compositions out of urban field recordings works as a perfect counterpoint to the shady dealings - often done within tightly cordoned, post-industrial cities of post-Soviet bloc... Atkinson's solo output on this album holds a bleak sort of majesty." - Tome to the Weather Machine