Continental Burns LPs are here / new music from John Atkinson

After a series of delays--some in my control, some not--I'm thrilled to announce that the LP edition of Continental Burns is in hand. I'm very happy with how it looks and sounds. The album comes with a two-sided insert and a download code and can be purchased on its release page.

Due to the simple reality of other responsibilities in life, Florabelle will not be a label that produces more than one or two releases per year, at least for the time being. Hopefully the relatively slow pace will underscore that whatever does ultimately appear on this imprint is especially worthy of your time.

Additionally, after receiving a wave of praise for his Asasin în Lege soundtrack, John Atkinson has had an especially prolific year, releasing three new EPs--Longplaying, Birdland, and Cold Cycle--on his bandcamp site, all of which highlight new areas of development in his sound while making clear that there is a thread connecting each release.