Continental Burns LP - $15

The third album by Ned Milligan and the first to reach an audience beyond family and friends, Continental Burns is the result of getting reacquainted with the act of making music and diving into the experience of creating short films.

Composed primarily over the summer of 2014, Continental Burns was created with two sides in mind. The first five tracks (which also score the video of the same name) share a certain kinship; the sixth complements what came before while departing from it at the same time. A lot of this music came out of Ned's longstanding interest in repeating figures and loops of both musical and traditionally non-musical sound sources.  

In contrast to the suite of songs on side A, the B side is taken up by "The Station in Spuyten Duyvil," an extended reworking of a track that first appeared on Rambler, Ned's 2005 debut. Entirely composed of processed melodica, it proudly bears the influence of long-form works by Jim O'Rourke, early Rafael Toral, and Stephan Mathieu. Mastered by Sean McCann. Limited to 100 LPs, comes with a two-sided insert and download code.


"It is an organic ambient masterpiece whose drones crack, whoosh, flow and ebb like the myriad natural forces it wants to reacquaint us with." - 20 Jazz Funk Greats

"Milligan's woozy dronescapes appeal in a number of different ways, but foremost among them is their uncluttered character. He's perfectly content to let a single sound intone for lengthy stretches, and the result proves arresting."
- Textura 

"On craft, this is excellent; on composition, Milligan knows how to squeeze a lot of baggage out of a few well-positioned notes. Quite lovely." - Still Single

"Solemn drones that merge and then dislocate, weaving amongst themselves like a horizon line forever veering in and out of focus." - ATTN:Magazine

"The music is, as far as I can see, not exclusively about all things drone like. It's more about painting pictures with sound-- quite abstract pictures at that, leaving interpretation open to the listener...everything (music, artwork) is done with great care and love for detail." - Vital Weekly