A lot of (happy) work has gone into the creation and production of the two new LPs on Florabelle that will see release at the end of this month: Coquina Dose by Josh Mason and Plains by John Atkinson + Talya Cooper. With all of the usual delays that now come with pressing vinyl, there’s been extended periods for me to just revisit the music on both albums and confirm that, by all means, these are worth the wait.

Click on the releases tab to then read more about both records, which are available for pre-order through the Florabelle bandcamp page. And for sound samples, of course.

New Records to Come

Tap tap…is this thing on? Sorry for the delay in any action or news. Like many things that can’t quite take up as much time as you’d like, work on Florabelle releases has been slower than hoped.

The good news is that two new LPs are at the test pressing phase and should be available for pre-order soon. More details to follow sooner than later.

Update / Reviews

It's been extremely gratifying to receive the response to the new LPs in recent months. Both were more than a year in development and to finally have them not only exist, but connect with people, is so heartening. 

Reviews for Nielu and Nature Always Needs Improving are linked on their respective album pages. As of this writing there are about 30 copies of Nielu in stock and fewer of Nature Always Needs Improving--the Florabelle bandcamp page is the best place to go to make sure you can order copies.

New Florabelle LPs are available for pre-order

Almost there. The new LPs are in production! In the meantime, you can pre-order them both through the Florabelle bandcamp page. Information about Nielu and Nature Always Needs Improving can be found by clicking on the releases page above.

Audio previews of the albums can be found on each album's page. Thanks.

Additionally--if you order both LPs, you can also get a free copy of Continental Burns or Asasin in Lege. This offer is good for the next month.

Forthcoming LPs

An update almost a year in the making...apologies.

Two new Florabelle LPs are complete and on their way to being pressed. Look for Olli Aarni's Nielu and Ned Milligan's Nature Always Needs Improving (a co-release with Gertrude Tapes) this fall.


Did you know there is a Florabelle twitter account with limited but worthwhile activity? Follow it-- @florabellerecs.

Some other kind reviews have been added to each release's page--future Florabelle releases are being discussed and recorded.

Thanks to everyone who has shown support.

Continental Burns LPs are here / new music from John Atkinson

After a series of delays--some in my control, some not--I'm thrilled to announce that the LP edition of Continental Burns is in hand. I'm very happy with how it looks and sounds. The album comes with a two-sided insert and a download code and can be purchased on its release page.

Due to the simple reality of other responsibilities in life, Florabelle will not be a label that produces more than one or two releases per year, at least for the time being. Hopefully the relatively slow pace will underscore that whatever does ultimately appear on this imprint is especially worthy of your time.

Additionally, after receiving a wave of praise for his Asasin în Lege soundtrack, John Atkinson has had an especially prolific year, releasing three new EPs--Longplaying, Birdland, and Cold Cycle--on his bandcamp site, all of which highlight new areas of development in his sound while making clear that there is a thread connecting each release. 


Upcoming John Atkinson performances

On Thursday, 5/17, to commemorate the conclusion of L For Leisure's week-long run at the IFP Media Center in Brooklyn, there will be a closing night party featuring a live soundtrack performances by John, who composed the original soundtrack for the film.

The following Sunday (5/21), John is playing a matinee at Palisades (also in Brooklyn) with M. Dwinell, New Firmament, and and Angus Tarnawsky. I'm also pleased to announce that the event will unofficially be a "release party" of sorts for the CD version of his soundtrack for Asasin în Lege. John should be on around 5 with CDs to sell afterwards...



P.S. On another note, the English-language version of Asasin în Lege can now be found on YouTube, retitled as Killers Inc. As of today the film has tallied almost 200,000 views online alone.