Upcoming John Atkinson performances

On Thursday, 5/17, to commemorate the conclusion of L For Leisure's week-long run at the IFP Media Center in Brooklyn, there will be a closing night party featuring a live soundtrack performances by John, who composed the original soundtrack for the film.

The following Sunday (5/21), John is playing a matinee at Palisades (also in Brooklyn) with M. Dwinell, New Firmament, and and Angus Tarnawsky. I'm also pleased to announce that the event will unofficially be a "release party" of sorts for the CD version of his soundtrack for Asasin în Lege. John should be on around 5 with CDs to sell afterwards...



P.S. On another note, the English-language version of Asasin în Lege can now be found on YouTube, retitled as Killers Inc. As of today the film has tallied almost 200,000 views online alone.